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about crenchpaw

What does that even mean?!

Long story short-ish: My name is Christa Lence, one day my husband, Jason, jokingly said my name through gritted teeth and the nickname, "Crenshaw" was born. Through that, many derivatives have surfaced [crench / crenches / crench bologna / crench fries / crench dressing / crench bar].


I. love. dogs. 


and if you're here. you get it. 

SO let's be weird and declare our love for fur babies via things that we have to wear anyway [you know, because we're not covered in floof].

Because sometimes there's doggos and that whole speaking thing? you can't. even.


Get to Know Us

I mean, like really get to know us. I want to be a brand that you really puppin' love and feel at home with. If that's as important to you as it is to me:

1. Say hey and send me pics of your dog . . . mostly, can I just see pics of your dog? Did you hear me?! Just kidding.

2. Read on to learn more about the why? how? what?! when? of all our shenanigans.


From the beginning of time . . .

Alright , alright. I'll reign it in.

but a real quick, literal tiny nod to since the beginning of time: I have always LOVED animals. Okay, fast forward >>

It was 2020 and COVID hit. Per ush, I was struggling with my anxiety disorder. I was very experienced in living life being terrified to get out of bed and function as a "normal" human. So I started therapy to get to a place where I could feel comfortable working. My therapist, in her utmost profound wizardly-like wisdom said, "Why?"

. . . and that blew my effin' mind.

So begins-ish my journey to entreprenuerialship.

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