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100% of the profits from the sales of this design will be donated to this incredible rescue organization!

why i chose to support secondhand hounds


obviously, I love 'em! secondhand hounds and I have this in common.

Equal levels of [aw]bsession, for sure!

you're here. you get it.


Kona is a rescue pup and I am SO passionate about supporting this amazing organization & their efforts to rescue all the doggos!

Of course, they can't rescue them all, but they sure are working tirelessly to try!


THIS. The crew at Secondhand Hounds works so hard, and despite the inevitable adversity they face, they do nothing but exude amazingly [paw]sitive vibes!


I absolutely love that about this organization.

check them out!

Check out their site below!


you're missing out if you're not following them on social . . . they post "disgustingly adorable" animals

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