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dog lovers:
we've got you covered.
[ literally]

cool: I'm ready to be stupidly comfy.

love is love 2024_edited.jpg

Let's support OutFront MN, Minnesota's largest LGBTQ+ advocacy organization!

woofda: MN dog lovers [ get it]

I'm so puppin' proud of this original design.

I LOVE to see this one in the wild.

If you're a Minnesotan and not already in the [woofda] pack:

what the fluff are ya doin'?

FETCH! yours.

man wearing navy 'coffee & pupper snuggles" t shirt next to black dog wearing "treatos and human snuggles" shirt

pupper lovin' comfort

the all-day, every-day, any-day, all-the-days way to wear your pupper love out loud

crenchpaw brand heather navy woofda hoodie with white drawstrings

stupidly comfy

express your pupper love in some super soft, cozy, chilly weather comfies.

crenchpaw brand navy crewneck sweatshirt "priorities: be comfy. love doggos." design

cozy up pup(per lover)

that whole "be comfy | love doggos" thing we have going on? THESE are it.

ooo: there's [more]?!

pup yeah, there is.

I have all kinds of designs & stupidly comfy styles.

wear your pupper love out loud via stuff you have to wear anyway: because, you know, you're not covered in floof.

get to know us

crenchpaw owner, Christa Lence (blonde woman with long right-side braid) wearing "my dog ate my shirt" cropped sweatshirt in heather mustard color

da heck is a crenchpaw?


be part 

of the pack on Instagram

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